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Caspian International School of Medicine,

Contact: +91-88066 88068

Contact: +91-88066 88068

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Contact: +91-88066 88068

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Caspian International School of Medicine

Caspian International School of Medicine is a multidisciplinary university that provides quality, continuing education for medical students. Professionalism is one of the basic beliefs and adherence to the most noteworthy professional and moral norms.

Innovation is the key and the university completely values new technologies to bring across deep knowledge about medical science and quality education.

MBBS degree is in demand and will always remain in demand in the field of interdisciplinary research and medical care. The sole purpose of giving medical education is to increase the number of doctors in patient services and medical research.

This need has driven Caspian University to discover Caspian International School of Medicine under the University Umbrella. The medical school includes art lecture halls, modern learning facilities, and training centers.

  • Free wi-fi for the whole campus
  • Round the clock CCTV surveillance
  • Separate lodgings for boys and girls
  • All facilities are effectively accessible to hostels & universities.
  • Practical theaters, OT’s, Forensic labs, etc
  • Coaching is provided for the MCI test for all the students by Indian professors on the campus
  • Best Indian hostel & Indian food(Veg & Non–Veg) also available

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